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Start, Complete, and Uncomplete Your Workout

WorkoutSmart workouts are timed so that you can track the velocity of the workout in addition to the intensity of your workout.  In addition, it is important for WorkoutSmart to know that your workout has been ‘completed’ so that it can make adjustments and properly track your metrics.

Start Workout Timer

To begin the process, click ‘Start Workout Timer’.  WorkoutSmart will begin tracking the elapsed time for your workout.  The elapsed time will be periodically updated on the ‘Complete Workout’ button.

Pacing Guides

Each exercise on your workout has a ‘pacing guide’ to help you pace throughout you workout.  The pacing guides are simply general guidelines for you to indicate if you are ahead or behind the estimates based upon time under tension and rest periods.

Complete Workout

To complete your workout, click on complete workout.  You will be presented with some options to indicate how your workout felt (rate of perceived exertion) as well as private notes about the workout.  In addition, WorkoutSmart will show you the adjustments that you have made to your workout as a confirmation.  Once you click ‘Complete’, your workout is marked complete and the adjustments are made to your future workouts.  Once a workout is completed, you will no longer be able to make changes to it unless you uncomplete the workout.

Uncomplete Workout

In the event you made a mistake or accidentally completed your workout, you can ‘Uncomplete’ your workout to allow you to make changes.  This will, however, reset your workout timer so you may need to make a manual adjustment to your workout timer.

Manually Adjust Your Workout Timer

You can manually adjust your workout timer in the event a mistake was made or you forgot to complete your workout.  When you complete a workout, the workout time box will display two numbers, one in parentheses.  The first number is the WorkoutSmart estimated workout length and the second number in parentheses is the actual recorded workout time.  To adjust this recorded time, click on the number in parentheses and you will be given the option to adjust the actual time for that workout.

Updated on May 17, 2018

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