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Move and Delete Your Workout

You can move and delete your workout to give you flexibility during the week.


In order to move your workout during the week, click the Move button on the workout to select another day of the week to perform your workout.  You can only select days that do not already have a workout so you may need to move or delete another workout before you can place the one that you are trying to move.

Note: We do not recommend changing the order of the days in the week as they are built for a specific progression.


You can delete a workout by clicking the Delete button on the workout.  This cannot be undone so please use caution with this function.

The main purpose of this function is to allow you to modify your goal at any point and ‘clean up’ any workouts that may have been left over from several scheduling changes.

For example, let’s assume you have workouts scheduled on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of the week.  Due to some unforeseen circumstances (i.e. an emergency trip out of town), you are not able to sign into WorkoutSmart or perform your workout until you return on Wednesday.  When you return on Wednesday, you sign into WorkoutSmart and adjust your goal for the week to so that you are working out two days instead of three days, on Wednesday and Friday.  WorkoutSmart will automatically adjust your entire week to fit within those two days!  Since WorkoutSmart never schedules or adjusts workouts ‘in the past’, your Monday workout from your three day week that you did not perform is still on the calendar and has not been completed.  In this scenario, you would simply delete your Monday workout leaving only the two workouts on Wednesday and Friday that you are going to perform.  WorkoutSmart will automatically update all tracking information for you and your goal progression will remain intact despite the emergency.

Updated on April 11, 2020

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