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Workout Metrics

Your Dashboard will provide you with workout metrics for your current week (if any) and your upcoming week (if any).  Workout metrics will give you a snapshot view of the week difficulty, training phase, and total metrics as well as by muscle group.

Note: The metrics for the current week are based upon what has been completed.  If you have not completed any workouts, your metrics will show 0 values.

Caloric Burn

The caloric burn shows your estimated caloric burn.


The time shows the estimated time based upon the time under tension, set, and exercise rest values prescribed for your workout.


This is the total number of sets that you will be performing.


This is the total number of reps that you will be performing.


This is the total number of pounds you will be lifting.


This is the calculated INOL value for each muscle group for the week.

Updated on September 4, 2020

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