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Modify Your Week

WorkoutSmart provides a convenient mechanism to adjust an individual week’s schedule.  Click the ‘Modify Week’ button on your workout or your dashboard.  WorkoutSmart allows you to make these adjustments quickly and easily without losing your overall goal progression or affecting your periodization model.  There are a number of scenarios where you may want to adjust your individual week:

  • You want to try a different goal for the week to see if you like it (i.e. try Build Strength for a week)
  • You can only workout 2 days instead of your scheduled 3 days
  • You want to really go hard this week and would like to workout 5 days instead of your scheduled 3 days
  • You need to quickly move the days of the week you are going to workout around

WorkoutSmart will automatically adjust everything and keep your tracking and metrics up to date.  We recommend you make these adjustments as early in the week as possible to keep things simple.  In the event you have extra workouts that need to be ‘cleaned up’, use the Delete functionality on the workout to remove them from your calendar.

Updated on May 17, 2018

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