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Exchanging and Adding an Exercise to your Workout

The exercises within your workoutsmart.com training program provide movements that will help you develop muscular endurance, get stronger, etc.  However, everybody is different and there are many exercises that may work even better for you!  This is why we have developed the Exercise Exchange tool in our system.  

Just click on the “pencil” icon and choose the Exchange section.  

This will open up a “smart” exchange list that will give you suggestions on other exercises that work the same muscle group.  It looks like this: 

As you can see on this table you can Select an Exercise for Exchange and then decide if you want to exchange this exercise for one workout or all future workouts.  You can even save this exercise exchange to a specific gym profile so whenever you are training at this particular gym you can choose it as your Gym Profile and the adjustments will automatically be there!  

This next tip is a little more advanced but will completely open up the ability to customize your workout to exactly what you need!  Just click on the nav bar at the top of your workout as the table shows below.  Or, if you are on your phone click on the green Workout Summary nav bar also at the top of your workout.  Click on the Add Exercise section and check it out!

This will open up our exercise search engine.  Type in any part of the exercise you are thinking of like Dumbbell or Lunge or Cable.  This will bring up any exercise within our system so you can really add whatever you need.  You may have been trying to target your hamstrings but the exercise wasn’t in the Smart Exchange List.  However, there may be another exercise that works multiple muscle groups like the Dumbbell 1 Leg Balance Deadlift that works both the glutes and the hamstrings and it will be in this list.  

Give these tools a try and thanks for using WorkoutSmart.com!

Updated on February 16, 2021

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