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Explaining an Exercise Row

An exercise row provides a lot of information and functionality for each exercise.  This includes the following:

  • The name of the exercise
  • The time under tension (i.e. 2-0-x-0)
  • The set rest period and exercise rest period (i.e. 2m /1m 30s)
  • The INOL value (i.e. 1.09)
  • The time pacing guide for that exercise (i.e. 1 mins)
  • The prescription of your sets and reps
  • The ability to adjust your exercise as a whole
  • The ability to provide feedback on this exercise and prescription
  • The ability to adjust the sets and reps for this exercise
  • Exercise information for this exercise

Exercise Name

The exercise name displays the name of the exercise you are performing.  This will change if you exchange the exercise for another exercise within WorkoutSmart.

Time Under Tension

Time under tension is a guide for how you should perform the movement on this workout.  It consists of 4 values indicating the number of seconds each movement should take.  The 4 values are eccentric, pause, concentric, and rest describing the movement from beginning to end.  A time under tension value of ‘x’ means as fast as you can.  In the case of ‘2-0-x-0’ for barbell bench press, you would lower the bar down over 2 seconds, do not pause, extend your arms and raise the bar as fast as possible, and then begin the next rep immediately.  Comparably, a ‘2-1-2-1’ time under tension would mean lower the bar over 2 seconds, pause 1 second, raise the bar over 2 seconds, and rest 1 second before beginning the next rep.

Set and Exercise Rest Period

The set and exercise rest period indicates the amount of time you should rest between each set and before the next exercise.  This will vary based upon the phase and difficulty of your workout.

INOL Value

The INOL value displays the INOL value for this exercise.

Pacing Guide

The pacing guide provides a rough estimate of when you should begin the exercise as it relates to your overall workout time.  This will help you gauge increased or decreased velocity in your workout depending upon how you feel.


The prescription outlines the sets and reps (along with the units) you should preform for this exercise.

Exercise Adjustment

You can individually adjust an exercise (Power Up, Express, Exchange, Reset, or Delete).

Provide Feedback

You can provide feedback on this exercise to allow WorkoutSmart to adjust future workouts for this exercise (Too Easy, Just Right, Too Hard).

Adjust Sets and Reps

You can adjust the individual sets and reps for this exercise.


Exercise Information

You can view additional information about this exercise such as a full description, videos, individual exercise metrics, and the performance history of this exercise.

Updated on May 17, 2018

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