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Deleting a Training Schedule

Deleting a training schedule allows you to remove and add a new training schedule on your calendar. It is important to understand a training schedule and its role in your training. You can read more about training schedules in What is a Training Schedule?

Training Schedules and Workouts

One important thing to remember is that training schedules and workouts are not directly linked. Your workouts occur within a training schedule but exist independently of the training schedule. The reason for this is to allow you to have many different types of workouts within a single training schedule. The training schedule determines your workout cycles while the workouts themselves serve as the emphasis (i.e. Bodybuilding, Sport Specific, etc.).

Deleting the Training Schedule

Deleting the training schedule is activated by selecting the delete icon. This will display a warning message to ensure that you actually want to delete the training schedule.

Note: By default, a training schedule will not delete the workouts that occur within its start and end dates.

Deleting the Training Schedule and Workouts

You can delete a training schedule and the workouts that are contained within its start and end dates.

Note: This is a permanent operation and cannot be reversed.

Select ‘Delete ALL WORKOUTS for this training schedule’ and delete the schedule. WorkoutSmart will delete the training schedule and any workout not marked as completed between the start date and end date for the training schedule.

WorkoutSmart does not delete completed workouts so you do not accidentally delete a workout that you have performed. To delete a completed workout, you must ‘Uncomplete’ the workout. See Start, Complete, and Uncomplete Your Workout for more details.

Pro Tip: Deleting workouts for a Training Schedule that you previously deleted

If you have already deleted a training schedule but left your workouts intact, you can still delete your workouts.  Create a new training schedule for that same time frame (or any time frame you would like) and delete it again but select to delete all your workouts.

Updated on December 5, 2019

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