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Creating a Training Schedule

There are a number of options when you are creating a training schedule.  If you would like to keep things simple, WorkoutSmart will default the training schedule options to recommended options.  This includes a 12-week training schedule utilizing the Long Cycle phase approach to your training schedule.  This is a great training schedule for anyone to experience natural progression over 3 months.

Training Schedule Name

You can provide any name for a training schedule that you want.  One common approach is to use a name that will allow you to remember your goals later such as ‘Building Strength for the Beach’, ‘Getting Slim for the Wedding’, or ‘Getting Back to Training’.

Training Schedule Notes

Training schedule notes allow you to write more detail about the training schedule.  The training schedule notes will appear next to the training schedule name.

Training Schedule Start Date

The training schedule start date indicates the beginning of the training schedule.  This must be a Monday as WorkoutSmart weeks are Monday through Sunday.  If this date overlaps an existing training schedule, that existing training schedule will be deactivated.

Training Schedule End Date

The training schedule end date signifies the end of the training schedule.  WorkoutSmart will adjust this to a Sunday automatically for you.  There are three options for the end date, the default 12 weeks, a specific end date that you select, or an end date calculated from the number of weeks that you would like for this training schedule.

Advanced Settings

If you are an advanced user and have a good understanding of how your body peaks, you can select a different cycle length to adjust the peaks and troughs in your training cycle.

Long Cycle

This spreads your phases throughout the entire length of your Training Schedule. This gives you a longer time period for maximizing development in each particular Training Phase throughout your program. This can be a great program for anyone depending on how you respond to training but it is particularly good for a beginner (6 months of continuous training) to intermediate (up to 2 years of continual training) levels.

Split Cycle

The Split Cycle builds the first half of your Training Schedule with a Long Cycle format and then switches to Short Cycles for the second half of the program. This gives you a long time for adapting to each Training Phase (ie, Endurance, Strength, Power etc.) at the beginning of your program and then cycles these phases faster in the second half of your program. The Split Cycle is best used with a longer overall time frame but is effective even with a 6-8 week Training Schedule length. Using Split Cycles gives you greater variety in the volume and intensity of the second half of your program to help you avoid plateauing and continue making gains.

Short Cycles

This uses short splits throughout your entire Training Schedule. This is great for a more advanced person (more than 2 years of continuous training) because there are multiple changes in volume and intensity so your body doesn’t get stale staying in a particular Training Phase too long.  You can select the cycle length for your short cycles.

Updated on May 19, 2018

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