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Exercise Dashboard

The exercise dashboard displays detailed data for all of your exercises.  This includes each exercise, your max performance level, the source of the performance data test, and your overall progress with the exercise.

You can delete any individual exercise data in the event that you made a mistake, would like to erase the value or would like to remove default data.  In addition, you can add new exercise data if you would like to adjust an individual max performance level for an exercise for all of your workouts after the date of the exercise performance data.

Note: Any exercise performance data deleted cannot be recovered.

Performance Test Result

Indicates this value is the result of a performance test.

Feedback Result

Indicates this value is the result of feedback from a workout.

Set Modification Result

Indicates that you manually adjusted sets and reps on your workout that resulted in a new exercise max performance level.

Default Result

A default result is a performance test result that is based on default data.  This is very conservative data for your body when there is no actual data available.

User Input

User input indicates you entered the exercise performance data directly into the system on Exercise Dashboard.

Updated on May 22, 2018

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