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Workout Goal Overview

A workout goal represents the type of workouts you want to train with or is essentially your workout program.  Since you can have as many workout goals as you would like during a training schedule, you really define what your actual workout program is from one or more workout goals.  For example, you may want to do 4 weeks of Optimal Fitness followed by 4 weeks of Build Strength and finishing up with 4 weeks of a sports-specific program leading up to your season.  You can even adjust your workout goal each week with the workout goal process or the quickly modify week process.  WorkoutSmart will keep your progression and periodization model intact throughout your training schedule.

The workout goal process also allows you to specify how many days per week you would like to workout.  This, along with the goal itself, can be modified on a week to week basis.  Some weeks you may want to workout 4 days per week and other weeks may be busy preventing you from working out more than just 2 days.  WorkoutSmart allows you to quickly change each week and will track and adjust your overall progress automatically.

Updated on May 21, 2018

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