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Tracking Tests Explained

Tracking tests allow you to track other metrics that do not necessarily directly affect your workout (though they do in some cases) but are important to your overall health and well-being.  In addition, items such as weight, sleep, and food do have profound effects on your overall training and workout performance.

Tracking tests include weight, heart rate, sleep, and food.

Weight Tracking

Weight tracking is an important tool, not only for your overall health but to also establish proper caloric burn calculations, etc.  Enter your weight as little or as often as you would like.  In addition, if you have a Fitbit Aria scale, you can integrate your Fitbit account and WorkoutSmart will obtain your weight data from Fitbit.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Resting Heart Rate is an important indicator of your overall health and is used to calculate your caloric burn.  Measure your resting heart rate as often as you would like but once per week is a good interval for tracking resting heart rate.

Measuring your resting heart rate is pretty simple, you just count your heart beats for 10 seconds and multiply by six. The time of day is very important. The most accurate reading of your resting heart rate will be first thing in the morning when you wake up and are lying down. In addition, if you have a Fitbit device, just connect WorkoutSmart to your Fitbit account and the resting heart rate will be tracked for you automatically.

Steps to Measure Resting Heart Rate

  1. Find your pulse in your wrist or in your neck.
  2. Using your index and middle finger, count the number of beats you feel in 10 seconds. Your thumb has a small pulse that may confuse you while trying to count.
  3. Multiply the number of beats you count by six to find the number of beats per minute. You may want to take your pulse several times (i.e. three) and then average the results to more scientific.

Sleep Monitoring

WorkoutSmart provides a simple and easy way for you to indicate how you slept.  Simply add a sleep log entry and WorkoutSmart will track it for you with some nice visual representations.

Food Tracking

WorkoutSmart allows you to monitor your general food intake habits and track them along with all of your workouts.  Add a food log entry and WorkoutSmart will keep it for you with some visual representations of your food log.

Updated on May 22, 2018