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Gym Profiles Explained

A gym profile allows you to customize the equipment for a specific location where you work out.  You can then select the appropriate location and WorkoutSmart will adjust your sets and reps automatically.

A typical scenario for a gym profile arises when one gym you attend has 17.5 lbs and 22.5 lbs dumbbells while another gym you attend does not.  When your gym profiles are configured and you select the appropriate gym, WorkoutSmart will automatically adjust your weights to take the equipment available at that location into account.

You can create as many gym profiles as you would like, each with a custom configuration.  You can only select one gym profile as the default gym profile.  This gym profile will be automatically selected for each of your workouts unless you select a different gym profile on the workout page.

You can edit the equipment on a gym profile at any time and the correct equipment will be used the next time you view your workout.

You can name your gym profile anything you would like.  You can also add an address to a gym profile.  Adding an address will allow WorkoutSmart to find the closest gym profile to your current location using the geolocation function on your device if you allow it.

Geolocation data is not stored by WorkoutSmart, it is used momentarily to determine your location and the distance to your gym profiles and is then discarded.

Updated on May 17, 2018