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Fitbit Integration

WorkoutSmart can integrate with your Fitbit data.  This allows you to sync your Fitbit data to WorkoutSmart.  Some examples include your Fitbit weight data and your Fitbit heart rate data.  That data is then automatically used by WorkoutSmart to customize your workouts.

The Fitbit data is also available in the tracking data views on WorkoutSmart.

To setup your Fitbit integration, navigate to your profile data.  If you are not integrated with Fitbit, you can begin the process by selecting ‘Connect to Fitbit’.  You will then be sent to Fitbit to authorize access for WorkoutSmart to your Fitbit data.  Upon successful authorization with Fitbit, you will be redirected back to your WorkoutSmart profile and it will show you the status of the connection.

You can force WorkoutSmart to request updated information from Fitbit by selecting ‘Refresh’.

You can also terminate the Fitbit integration by selecting ‘Disconnect’.  This will delete the integration with Fitbit and no longer request or receive any Fitbit data.

Updated on May 17, 2018